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David Allen Professional Speaker - South Africa


David Allen is a South African leadership coach, trainer, motivational speaker and author. He has presented a variety of leadership and development talks to corporate entities, school groups and police units in South Africa and the USA. David has guest lectured at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s leadership and business programme and is a regular speaker at Babson College (a leading entrepreneurial school in Boston, USA) and Bentley University. His new Decoding Body Language presentation has been well received. David's first book, Leadership in the Trees, is now in its third reprint and available in paperback or on Kindle.

David Allen - Decoding Body Lanuage

Decoding Body Language

Being able to read a person's emotion and intentions through their body language gives your employees that extra edge in their personal interactions. David Allen's Decoding Body Language sessions will help you, your staff and your friends to easily distinguish between truth and lies. The benefits of this include an increase in confidence, and improved conflict prevention and resolution. Professionally, this allows a person to improve their sales skills and interpersonal relationships. This increased confidence can reduce anxiety and boost performance while contributing to a more productive and proactive work environment.

David Allen Professional Coach and Speaker


David presents leadership and motivational talks to more than 7 000 people a year in South Africa and abroad. He has been invited to speak at institutions such as Stellenbosch University, Engen Oil Company, Nestle (head office, Geneva) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal. David was also the keynote speaker at ERGO Insurance Group’s 2012 international conference in Germany. His leadership talks are entertaining, informative and interactive. Some of the topics addressed include respect, accountability, creative thinking, stress management, maximising potential and powerful positive thinking.

David Allen - Author, Speaker, Coach

Leadership in the Trees

“I have learned one indisputable fact about leadership: Where leaders lead well, people thrive and where leaders lead poorly, people suffer. Essentially, success or failure is dependent on the quality of leadership.”
Based on the life experiences and teachings of David J. Allen, a well-known South African leadership coach. As a community activist, volunteer policeman, businessman, husband and father, David Allen has assumed many different leadership roles. Using lessons he has learned during an eventful life, including those from encounters with other effective leaders (such as former President Nelson Mandela), 

What his audiences say

"It was great to experience your approach, you made an impactful impression and have been very helpful to our conference." J. Messemar, Ergo Insurance



David Allen was very interesting and captivating in his presentation. I particularly liked the leadership hour  and agreed with all the points he made about successful leaders. I feel I can use these in my everyday life - Kevin Healy


When they want more!

I enjoyed the training. I thought it was very applicable to my day to day work. His exercises were very useful and I especially like the segment on making first impressions. The only drawback was that it was too short! - Robert Surette


Decoding body language

I commend his method of teaching. It was at a level that we could all understand and were able to mentally consider the various options that we could take as law enforcement officers in a stressful situation - John Evans

About David

Entrepreneur. Leadership Coach. Professional Speaker

Over the years, studies have found that people absorb more information when actively involved in a presentation. In light of this, David has tailored his interactive approach to ensure that people retain what he teaches … and he has yet to find someone dozing through one of his presentations!

David Allen is popular guest speaker in South Africa and the USA, David is known for helping motivate and unleash the leadership potential in his audiences. He conducts popular practical body language interpretation training. These sessions allow participants to learn to read interpersonal interaction and to identify truth, lies, omissions and to react accordingly. David is an entrepreneur, co-director of Challenge Tours which runs leadership courses at Greystone Adventure centre, as well as Camp Solomon. 

He is also the director of the Leadership Camp at Village Camp Leadership School in Switzerland and York, England. Every July he leads the Village Camps’ award-winning Leadership Training programme in Switzerland. David has served as a police reservist for more than 20 years, has trained in hostage negotiation and served in specialised units. In 2017, he released his first book, Leadership in the Trees, which is now in its third reprint.  He has presented to a variety of corporates, school groups and law enforcement in South Africa and abroad.

David has lectured at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s leadership and business programme and is a regular speaker at Babson College (a leading entrepreneurial school in Boston, USA) and Bentley University. He is a resident of Estcourt, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. He is happily married to Debbie and is the proud father of two adorable girls. The Allen family are adored by their dogs, Marmite and Charlie, and owned by Cleo the cat (in ancient Egypt, cats were considered gods… Cleo has not forgotten this).


Book David Allen for one of the most interactive, inspiring, informing and entertaining presentations available. His wealth of experience as a self-made professional speaker, entrepreneur and Reservist Police Officer translates into practical and relevant information. He has guest lectured at universities in South Africa and the USA, run many seminars for corporate South Africa and addressed members of YPO in Manhattan, New York, USA. He is also an accomplished youth leadership trainer at camps in South Africa, Switzerland and the UK.


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